It’s lift-off for Azriel and Constantia Insurance partnership

Azriel Aviation Africa and the Constantia Insurance Group have partnered to offer the aviation sector a much-needed broader offering of insurance solutions.

Collaboratively with Constantia Insurance, Azriel Aviation Africa can offer insurance to the aviation sector that goes beyond essential aviation insurance.

“We have expanded into international and local travel cover, and can now offer primary health insurance and gap cover, among other solutions,” says Jan Coetzee, CEO of Azriel Aviation Africa.

Business and personal lines products can be bundled to provide holistic insurance solutions for businesses and individuals. Azriel’s wider cover also provides for premium savings and increased comprehensive risk management for clients. “We are jointly geared for a changing insurance market where holistic offerings make for streamlined insurance cover that provides for clients’ needs beyond aviation,” says Coetzee.

Following a successful eight-year partnership with Centriq Insurance Company, under the brand of Azriel Aero Aviation Underwriting Managers, Centriq has shifted its strategy away from aviation, which provided Azriel the opportunity to partner with Constantia in December 2018.

Says Constantia CEO Volker von Widdern, “Constantia is 100%-owned by Conduit Capital Limited, a Global Credit Ratings (A)-rated company with four branches country-wide and proud heritage of 65 years. Together, this partnership forms a powerhouse in the aviation, short-term, and life insurance markets.”

Says Coetzee, “I’ve been involved in aviation insurance for more than two decades, and Azriel Aviation Africa has been a specialist insurer in the aviation insurance market since 2010. At Azriel, we share Constantia’s vision of being the leading players in the market by offering the aviation sector a broader selection of innovative solutions. Our solutions will be backed by unparalleled service excellence for which both companies are known. Our aim is to achieve mutually rewarding relationships with our brokers, clients and staff.”

Coetzee assures the market of Azriel’s commitment to the insurance market. “With increasing demands of aviation safety, security and risk management, it is critical that we continue to guarantee brokers a speedy turnaround, from quotation through to claim settlement. To ensure service and claims excellence, all administrative requirements are processed in-house with service levels via Constantia’s legal and technical resources. This means that brokers can focus on providing outstanding service to clients while the partnership team dots the i’s and crosses the t’s,” explains Coetzee.

He says that the new partnership is founded on respect and transparency, which means full disclosure upfront, and clear, agreed on underwriting terms to ensure ongoing relationships with clients. “The claims stage, while the broker and client are under pressure, is not the time to be discussing small print,” says Coetzee.

Von Widdern states, “We believe that insurance should be personal, and this philosophy is shared by Azriel. At Constantia, we are a passionate and responsive team that seeks to provide innovative risk and insurance solutions in current and new markets while preserving our proven capabilities. While we know that wisdom comes with six decades of carefully studied experience, it means nothing without a mind hungry for knowledge. Insurance innovations, fresh ideas, and combined knowledge, along with enhanced applications, is what this new Azriel and Constantia partnership is all about.”