Raising “Thank yous” for National Doctors’ Day

There’s never been a more important time to show appreciation for our doctors. The pressures of operating in a severely strained public healthcare system, and the implications of the Medical Schemes Act and the NHI bill, are adding to doctors’ woes, to such an extent that they are looking at other professions and countries to fulfil their endeavours.

Without them, the health and wellbeing of our society will suffer, which is why EthiQal is such a firm believer that doctors – both public and private – should be treasured as national assets. In light of this notion, EthiQal is launching the 2019 National Doctors’ Day campaign to acknowledge the critical role that doctors play in meeting the healthcare needs of our nation.

Each year, National Doctors’ Day gives South Africans the opportunity to honour their doctors by sharing their stories of how they have made a difference in their lives. This year, EthiQal wishes to take it a step further by raising even more “thank yous”.

“Our doctors need our support more than ever. National Doctors’ Day is a golden opportunity to honour your doctor, which is why we are calling on all South Africans to add to the collective voice that sings the praises of these unsung heroes and heroines.” – Dr Bettina Taylor, Senior Risk Specialist at EthiQal.

EthiQal is giving away R20 000to participants who join them in #RaisingThankYous. To qualify, participants must submit their stories at before 15 November 2019, or by sharing their stories on the Mark Pilgrim Show on Hot 91.9 FM between 09:00 and 12:00, in the week commencing 11 November 2019.

Whether you want to thank your doctor for their invaluable care and reassurance, or for giving you or your loved ones a new lease on life, now is the time to make your doctor’s day.

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