From the desk of Gerald Mathebula

Dear Intermediary,

It has come to our attention that there is perception in the market that EthiQal does not provide quotes to doctors who are 60 years and above.  As this is incorrect, we would like to use this opportunity to clarify our underwriting approach. 

At EthiQal, we consider cover for all doctors, taking note of their personal circumstances, including their medicolegal history.  As part of our ongoing portfolio review, age has recently been added as another factor. This is for reasons of reduced years by the insured to contribute to financial reserving and is similar to a ‘late joiner penalty’ within medical schemes.  Whereas this may result in an older practitioner paying higher rates than a younger colleague with an otherwise similar risk profile, it does not preclude competitive quotes in the older age categories, especially for practitioners who have not yet reached 65 years of age. The more advanced the age of a practitioner, however, the more likely that it would be preferential for the practitioner to remain with his or her current indemnifier. 

It is also important to note that this only applies to new applicants to the portfolio and not those who are already EthiQal policyholders

We trust that this explains our position and urge you to contact us should you have further questions.

Below are some contact details you will find useful:

For underwriting related information or assistance please contact our underwriting team on
or 011 686 4370.

For query assistance please contact our Administrative team on
or 011 686 4370.

For claims related information or assistance please contact our claims team on
or 010 020 5650.

 If you need to escalate, please contact our Divisional Manager, Dr David Green, on or 082 877 0229 or 010 020 5580.

 For further information about EthiQal Medical Risk Protection please see our website

From the desk of Gerald Mathebula