Living the motto of making insurance personal

The availability of more sophisticated technologies that deliver better data insights mean insurers can deliver truly customised offerings that suit their customer needs. With this, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate, as products and pricing between service providers are quite similar. Instead, the unique value proposition comes down to customer service and experience.

At Constantia Insurance, we passionately believe in our motto of “Insurance made personal”. But for us, it is more than a tagline on a corporate masthead. It is part of our DNA as an organisation and is something we live and breathe daily. It is reflected in how we build partnerships, how we provide value to our stakeholders, and how we engender trust with our customers.

What this mean in practical terms

From a business perspective, Constantia Insurance is one of only a handful of local insurers that have a non-life and life licence. Through this, we can provide a bouquet of insurance solutions to our partners. Of course, this is only the start of the journey. We also ensure our employees have the skills and commitment to deliver innovative risk and insurance solutions in the most responsive ways possible. Our friendly service, knowledgeable consultants, and willingness to always go the extra mile contribute to establishing a reputation built around trust and attention to detail.

Long-term partnerships

For us, this is a business fundamental. But equally important is to work closely with all our partners to nurture and grow the relationships we have put it place. This is essential to provide customers with the peace of mind they need that the insurance solutions they have can effectively protect them when called upon. After all, a partnership-led approach is exactly that – working together to grow our respective businesses in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The trust to do so starts from within. To this end, we have introduced a regional model where we empower our staff to be more agile in their decision-making. Innovative technology is part of it, but also giving them the freedom to assist our partners with exceptional speed of business. It is about being flexible and understanding our partner requirements and delivering the necessary value to equip them with what they need.

Keeping up with technology

Making this added value approach truly different is our ongoing pursuit to remain focused on the areas where our products can make the biggest difference. It also ensures we never stagnate, but always look to optimise our systems, products, and solutions as technology evolves. Underpinning this is an unrelenting vision of delivering the best customer experience possible.

Looking back at the past two years, this approach has clearly worked. We have grown to over a R2billion business, increased our staff compliment to 220 and launched several new products, services, and systems. So, here is to the next two years and beyond as we continue to deliver the personal touch so desperately needed in the South African insurance market.

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