Co-creating solutions and collaborating for growth

From the moment Constantia was founded, our focus has been on building authentic, collaborative relationships with our partners. We have recently refreshed our positioning to crystallise our partner-centric approach and, driven by our purpose to enable our partners’ success, we have established co-creation is a key pillar of our strategy.

We unpack what co-creation entails and the significant benefits of such an approach. Co-creation is Constantia’s new normal and it’s here to stay.

What is co-creation?

Essentially, co-creation is when different, strategic, stakeholders join forces by working together to produce an outcome that is mutually valued and shared. It’s a way of doing business that can give a competitive advantage and unlock shared value.

Why is it important?

In a competitive industry, co-creation enables you to ultimately develop better processes, products and services. All stakeholders participate in the partnership, working together to generate new ideas and find solutions, enabling the business to navigating new challenges and remaining relevant. Through this collaborative approach, true, shared value can be delivered that benefits all stakeholders.

What are the benefits?

  • Expands intellectual resources: Involving diverse stakeholders ensures that unique skills, knowledge, expertise and passion are brought to any discussion.
  • Deeper, meaningful insights: Affected key stakeholders provide valuable feedback, diverse opinions and relevant, fresh perspectives.
  • Drives innovation: New, creative ways of thinking will spark bold ideas that likely would not have been thought of alone.
  • Better quality outcomes: Develop products and services with, rather than for, stakeholders where outcomes include their thinking, needs and solutions.
  • Improves financial performance: Increase effectiveness, drive better results, grow business opportunities and sustainably improve the bottom line.
  • Builds a stronger brand: Transparency increases trust and loyalty, while relevant products and services better position your brand and improve the brand experience and brand value.

How does it work?

Decide which knowledgeable, passionate stakeholders to include and ensure that they are part of this positive process from the very beginning. Share ideas, have robust and dynamic discussions and improve on concepts together. Co-creating solutions reduces the risk of misunderstandings, gives everyone a sense of contribution and it is a powerful way to ensure satisfaction with the final outcome.

Co-creation at Constantia

Driven by our purpose to enable our partners’ success, we have made co-creation central to the way we work at Constantia. We firmly believe that through co-creation, and by building authentic relationships with our partners, together we can unlock shared value which ultimately helps ensure sustainable growth.