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60 leaves from our book

At Constantia we have always been a company of people who seek out new ways of doing things while not losing sight of the old. While we know that wisdom comes with six decades of carefully studied experience, it means nothing without a mind hungry for new knowledge.

We are also obsessed with detail. It’s because we believe that taking care of detail so often makes all the difference. There are three things that set us apart from our competitors and continue to drive our business forward.

Our people. As a service business, we realised that it is the commitment, skills and vision of our people that sets us apart. Our people are highly skilled at what they do and always have one eye on the horizon.

We spend a considerable amount of effort ensuring our continued agility. Because of the pace at which business moves, only the most nimble companies stay ahead of the pack. We will keep succeeding because we are able to swiftly develop unique services and tailor-made innovation.

Yet you can’t be nimble without strongly believing in simplicity. Our systems have been created with efficiency in mind. That means all our systems actually work, work fast and work well. This has been particularly important in the context of the insurance industry’s increasingly tight regulatory framework.