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About Our Brand

Making personal insurance, insurance made personal.

When we decided to make a trusted claim to offer insurance made personal, we made it with the knowledge that we would deliver on that promise. The delivery on that promise is held in our people, both staff and clients, to whom small touches have always made the largest difference.

Being part of Constantia means you are part of that promise. Like the Seer, it means accepting a responsibility to look further, yet with greater focus, than any other insurer is able to. Being part of Constantia means knowing that our very smallest actions, our every seemingly insignificant point of behaviour, speaks volumes about our character and brand.

This means that at every last point at which our company is able to speak about itself, in every email greeting, in every chair offered to

a client, in every telephone answered and in every magazine article or radio advert we place, we need to take care of the detail in order to take care of the whole. Because, while we know that it is the seemingly small things that speak the largest volumes about us, it is never at the expense of losing sight of the larger vision.