About Constantia

At Constantia Insurance Group, our commitment is to make insurance personal. We’ve spent 65 years keeping this promise, by delivering innovative risk and insurance solutions to the market.

Our structure

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Short-Term Insurance Company | Life | Life and Health Assurance

Our history

At Constantia Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on being a 65-year-old start-up. We value experience as much as we do agility and innovation, which is why we have redefined, renewed and revitalised ourselves into a modern Constantia – while never losing sight of what experience has taught us.

Since the change of the guard, our new, diverse, highly skilled and knowledgeable executive team has strengthened our core, while passionately driving our ethos. Their hands-on approach enables us to focus on technology-driven product innovations and to respond to the growing needs of our valued partners and clients, ensuring that Constantia is a key player in the South African insurance industry.

Our Group is 100%-owned by Conduit Risk and Insurance Holdings (Pty.) Ltd.

Our ethos

At Constantia, we have a simple yet powerful ethos that guides us in our thinking and in the way we do business, within the company and with our partners:

Constantia, your trusted brand whose responsive teams provide innovative risk and insurance solutions in selected markets.

With a long history in insurance, we are a reliable partner that continues to make a positive impact on the South African insurance industry, through our dynamic, highly experienced team that brings an embedded insurance knowledge to the market place.

We follow an outside-in approach with our partners and clients, which begins with a deep understanding of market opportunities and challenges. By focusing on the specific needs of our partners, we then develop unique insurance product and service solutions that provide meaningful value to all our stakeholders.

Our values

Our mantra is “Insurance made personal”. To achieve this, we live by these brand values, which underpin everything we say and do: