Insurance made personal

Being part of Constantia means you are part of that promise. Like the Seer, it means accepting a responsibility to look further, yet with greater focus, than any other insurer is able to.


Like the Seer, it means accepting a responsibility to look further, yet with greater focus, than any other insurer.

Being part of Constantia means knowing that our very smallest actions, our every seemingly insignificant point of behaviour, speaks volumes about our character and brand. This means that at every last point at which our company is able to speak about itself, in every email greeting, in every chair offered to a client, in every telephone answered and in every magazine article or radio advert we place, we need to take care of the detail in order to take care of the whole. Because, while we know that it is the seemingly small things that speak the largest volumes about us, it is never at the expense of losing sight of the larger vision.


Constantia Insurance Company Bio

It’s the detail that makes the difference.

At Constantia Insurance Group, we have always been a company who believes in seeking innovative, new ways of doing things, while not losing sight of what experience has taught us. This wisdom comes from more than 65 years of making insurance personal. Our Group is 100% owned by Conduit Risk and Insurance Holdings (Pty) Ltd and boasts three offices across South Africa, with a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff compliment of 227. We offer our clients a range of business, personal asset, health, legal and life insurance products, and we have recently been upgraded by the Global Credit Ratings company from A- to A with a stable outlook. At Constantia Insurance we are obsessed with taking care of the details, as we believe that it is only in taking care of every detail that the bigger picture can be addressed. It is this hands-on commitment that allows us to create truly tailor-made insurance to suit our clients’ individual needs. We continue striving to make a positive impact on the South African insurance industry by becoming a key player who swiftly develops unique services and tailor-made innovation.



“Constantia Risk and Insurance Holdings Proprietary Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Conduit Capital Limited, is the holding company for the Constantia Insurance Group.”

The Directors

The directors have a keen interest in assisting with the design of an integrated corporate culture that does not seek to interfere with the role of management.

The directors endeavour to enhance the long-term strategy and value of Constantia for our shareholders. They fulfil a duty of care and loyalty and act with integrity as they actively pursue board matters and other responsibilities.



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  • Have you been treated unfairly by your Insurance Broker or Underwriting Manager?
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As proof of our commitment to providing you with exceptional service, and in the unlikely event that our team has been unable to assist you, kindly contact Ms Jenny Ward, Personal Assistant to Mr Volker von Widdern, our Chief Executive Officer on:

Telephone Number: 011 686 4309 (direct line)
E-Mail address: jennyw@constantiagroup.co.za