Personal Accident


With sixty years of experience in financial services, Constantia Insurance Company Limited's direct marketing division, DuePoint, has always been focused on making financial services personal and is able to leverage its six decades of experience by offering true financial freedom for all South Africans.

DuePoint's offices are located in the heart of Bryanston in Sandton, Johannesburg. The offices are specifically designed for the needs of our Wealth Engineers creating an environment that is both inspirational and functional, offering fully equipped presentation facilities and ample space to connect with your peers.

Our foundation principle is to ensure that South Africans get the protection they need, reduce or eliminate their household debt and offer them the financial training they need to build a successful channel with DuePoint, changing their lives forever.

The DuePoint system affords individuals the opportunity to build a lifetime mechanism of additional income without the usual concerns and costs of starting your own business. Catering for both those who wish to merely supplement their existing income and those who wish to become truly financially independent, DuePoint offers the most innovative solution currently available in South Africa.