"Over 40 years of experience in agricultural and rural commercial insurance"


Agruma is proud to announce its new partnership with Constantia Insurance Company Ltd.

Agruma is an Underwriting Manager catering for the niche insurance needs of the Agricultural Sector, inclusive of interconnected rural Commercial business. The combination of their sound knowledge of the Industry enables the Agruma Team to provide insurance that is perfectly tailored for the Agricultural Market.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the Agricultural and Rural Commercial Insurance Industry, Hannes du Plessis and Pierre Rossouw, Agruma’s directors, are the excellent leaders for a team that will ensure that every specific insurance need in this niche market will be addressed.

Constantia Insurance Company Limited is pleased to partner with Agruma, in order to provide the Agricultural Market with a value-adding product. We have researched and studied the Agricultural Insurance Market and believe that this particular Product will not only add value to the Insured, but also be sustainable.


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