Autobody Warranty

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About MotoUp!

Get peace of mind when you’re on the road, that you are protected in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown or electrical failure.

What we cover

MotoUp! Is an extended warranty plan that covers vehicles that are less than 10 years old and with fewer than 250 000 km on the clock. While mechanical parts such as the engine, gearbox, turbo, etc. are covered, cosmetic damages and wear and tear-related damages are not covered.

What is different about our cover?

We use a Rikatec device, which relies on big data and machine learning to predict and detect vehicle breakdowns in less than five minutes. This technology enables us to:

  • Do preventative and pro-active breakdown detection
  • Minimise the damage caused by a breakdown
  • Improve the overall health of the vehicle
  • Link the vehicle owner to the nearest registered help option within a 10km radius

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