Freedom Realised.

DuePoint understands the unique pressures and financial needs facing South African families today. Our founding principle is to ensure that South Africans get the protection they need, reduce or eliminate their household debt and offer them the financial training they need to build a successful channel with DuePoint changing their lives forever.



"Chaos was the law of nature. Order is the dream of man."


To represent these ideals, the DuePoint team realised that they were trying to converge four very separate objectives into one. A marriage of chaos into order. A convergence of destiny for its members.

Being part of Constantia means knowing that our very smallest actions, our every seemingly insignificant point of behaviour, speaks volumes about our character.

This means that at every last point at which our company is able to speak about itself, in every email greeting, in every chair offered to a client, in every telephone answered and in every magazine article or radio advert we place, we need to take care of the detail in order to take care of the whole. Because, while we know that it is the seemingly small things that speak the largest volumes about us, it is never at the expense of losing sight of the larger vision.


Brendan Benfield
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Timothy Reynolds
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Rob van der Bijl
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Stacey Paul
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