Group Life

Business Life and Funeral Cover

About Group Life

The success and sustainability of a business is often directly linked to the health and wellbeing of the business owner and their key employees. Traditionally, business assurance cover has been inaccessible to SMMEs due to administration constraints, unaffordable premiums and complex underwriting processes. Constantia offers a “first to market” comprehensive business assurance solution that is simple, accessible and flexible.


What we cover

Key Person Assurance: Compensates the business for the financial loss and disruption it would sustain due to the death, disability or critical illness of a key employee.

Buy and Sell Agreement: Provides proceeds to the business for the purchase of the shareholder’s interest upon death, disability or diagnosis of a critical illness of the co-shareholder.

Contingency Liability: Provides proceeds to the business to fund the liability related to the suretyship agreement entered into between the surety and the creditor on behalf of the business.

What is different about our cover?

  • All benefits (death, disability and critical illness) are priced at group rates for business assurance, making it a cost-effective and accessible business solution.
  • There is flexibility of nomination of beneficiary, which allows for the splitting of cover between group life and business assurance solution.
  • A simple, transparent and convenient digital platform that enables the business to access affordable group life and/or business assurance within 10 minutes.
  • No underwriting for cover below the free cover limit. Any application above the free cover limit will require completion of a simplified health questionnaire.
  • No waiting period is applicable which means group life assurance benefits are granted from day one on acceptance of cover by Constantia Life and Health.