Group Assurances for SMMEs

Business Life and Funeral Cover

About Group Business Assurances for SMMEs

Running a small business has its challenges, including access to funding, uncompetitive pricing, red tape and finding profitable clientele. We have tailored our portfolio around the needs of small and medium enterprises, and have developed InBiz – an affordable insurance solution to help keep your business in business. InBiz provides the cover your business needs for its financial security and for the future of your employees and their families.

What we cover

  • Key Person Insurance: Protection from direct revenue loss enabling your business to stay in business should a key human asset pass away, become disabled, or fall ill.
  • Buy and Sell Solution: Provides surviving co-owners with funds to purchase the interest of a deceased, disabled or a departing co-owner.
  • Business Debt Insurance: Life insurance policy on the life of an employee or director who stands as a surety for the debts of the business.
  • Business Insurance: Short-term insurance for business disruption, property and assets, so that your business can continue with its day-to-day operations.
  • Primary Healthcare Insurance: Employee health insurance focused on essential healthcare needs. Benefits include access to private healthcare and hospitalisation, unlimited GP consultations, chronic medication, preventative screenings and more.
  • Group Risk Benefits: Insure employees and protect their families in the event of long-term illnesses or death during the period of employment.

What is different about our cover?

Through a simple, transparent and convenient process, small business owners can apply for insurance and get access to comprehensive cover within 10 minutes. In addition, there is no waiting period, which means you get group life insurance benefits from day one.