Ntuthuko House Outreach


On Saturday 5 May, I arrived at our storage unit at Randburg Self Storage with a trailer hooked up to the Constantia Corolla, ready for a good day. To give goods to someone in need is always a great feeling and I knew, from what I had been told by our CEO, Volker von Widdern, that this organisation was something special.


Christinah, from Ntuthuko arrived just before 9am and after we greeted each other, she took a peak inside the storage units and her eyes lit up. We then proceeded to unpack the unit and Christinah started selecting various items that they really needed. Once the items were selected, we loaded them up on the trailer and departed for Soshanguve at 12h29, the trailer loaded to the brim with desks, chairs, pedestals, copier and fax machines.


It was a long trip and we drove through the Daspoort tunnel, out into the north of Pretoria and eventually, we took the Soshanguve turn off. A different world. We turned onto a dirt road and arrived at the gate of Ntuthuko. A haven for 25, soon to be 28 children suffering cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, hydrocephalus(water in the brain) & ADHD.


I reversed the trailer into their driveway and climbed out the car to be greeted by excited faces, happy faces. I was shown through the facilities, classrooms, offices and then taken to the rear to see their vegetable garden. Christinah explained how their typical day goes, that the driver wakes up at 4am each day to go and fetch the children, the furthest one being in Hammanskraal. He makes three trips in the morning to collect children and then three again in the afternoon to drop them back home in their well maintained Toyota Avanza.


As I walked through the facility, I could just imagine the laughing, the crying, the absolute joy that fills this place daily. Walking through, it made me realise how precious life is and that how selfless Christinah and her team must be. How so many of us live a life consumed by chasing so much, but yet chasing nothing. At the end of the day, places like this, people with hearts for others, humans who take what little they have and turn it into so much. To see the peace in their eyes, the smiles on their faces when describing the children, who really enjoy working outside in the veggie garden. That is what our existence is all about. Helping others, then ourselves.


Christinah and her team know that what they are doing is a mere drop in the ocean. Their desire is to help so many more and as they continue to do the work they are doing, I really believe that they will grow from strength to strength.