David Harpur


Independent Non-Executive Director

David Harpur, a stalwart in the insurance industry, has been part of the insurance landscape for nearly 50 years. That time included being President of the Insurance Institute of South Africa on two occasions, as well as President of the Financial Intermediaries Federation of South Africa (FIFSA), the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) and the South African Financial Services Intermediaries Association (SAFSIA), now FIA.

Among numerous roles, David has served as a member of the Policy Board for Financial Services and Regulation, been a member of several insurance industry committees and worked with INSETA, SAIA, FIA, FPI, IOD, IPBF and the FSB in varying capacities.

In 2006, David was elected as a member of the executive committee of the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) as well as being appointed Managing Director of WBN Limited, a role he served in until June 2008. He retired as a non-executive director of Glenrand M.I.B Ltd in 2008 having handed over as Chief Executive of the group in 2005, after enjoying 16 years in that role. During his career he has spent 33 years at institutions such as Minet, Mibsa, MIB and Glenrand M.I.B, and was fully involved in the listing of Glenrand M.I.B on the JSE in 1988.

As of January 2009, he joined the IISA as CEO and served for nine years at the IISA helping to re-establish the status, reputation and financial base of the IISA in the local, African and international markets. David has always been tremendously passionate about the insurance industry and continues to champion professionalism within the industry, as well as insurance education at all levels. Until very recently, he served as a non-executive Director on the board of JSE listed Conduit Capital Ltd, where he also chaired the Remuneration Committee while also being a member of the Audit and Risk Committee.