The InBiz Life product protects your business, if you, your business partner or any key person in your business suffers a critical illness, becomes disabled or dies.

The unforeseen event of death, disability or critical illness of a business owner(s) or key employees could have devastating financial implications for your business and employees.

Would your business survive?

  • If the remaining business owner(s) are unable to purchase the shareholding interest of the deceased, disabled or critically ill co-shareholder?
  • If the business sustained losses as a result of the death, disability or critical illness of a key person?
  • If your creditors call up your business debt due to the death, disability or critical illness of the surety?
  • If your business is unable to attract and retain key staff due to the absence of a group life assurance solution?

Our Solutions

Keyperson Assurance

This benefit offers protection for important assets in your business – People.

Buy and Sell Agreement

This benefit provides proceeds to the remaining shareholder(s) for the purchase of the shareholder's interest upon death, disability or diagnosis of critical illness.

Contingency Liability

This benefit provides proceeds to fund the liability related to the suretyship agreement entered into between the surety and the creditor on behalf of the business.

What makes us different?

This offering is geared towards a holistic view of the business i.e.

1) Income Statement protection – Commercial Loss Cover
2) Cost-effective Life Cover
3) Legal Assistance and Expenses
4) Cash Flow Protection (SASPRO)
5) Risk Management Assistance

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