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It’s lift-off for Azriel and Constantia Insurance partnership

Azriel Aviation Africa and the Constantia Insurance Group have partnered to offer the aviation sector a much-needed broader offering of insurance solutions.

Honouring SA Doctors with national Doctors’ day

"The Doctors’ Day campaign aims to create awareness around the need to protect and appreciate South African doctors, and to assure them that their contributions are recognised and valued. But it’s also to encourage insurers and other parties to come up with solutions that will aid doctors and doctors-in-training in overcoming industry challenges."

It’s a personal affair

James Peters recently joined Constantia Insurance Company as regional manager of the Western Cape. He candidly explains why.

Insurance solutions for an emerging market economy

Underinsurance, high premiums, and insufficient contribution to the incremental development of local financial and intellectual capacity by reinsurers are but a few of the obstacles to emerging economies and the short-term insurance sector in these markets, but insurers can turn this around.

Most SMEs without succession plan for death of partner

“The death or incapacitation of an active co-owner or partner places a business and the surviving partners under immense strain, often with dire consequences for the business,” says Seripe. It’s also important to keep in mind the family of the deceased, disabled or critically ill partner."