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Find up-to-date insurance information as we share press releases, expert opinion pieces and the latest developments from the industry

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Find up-to-date insurance information as we share press releases, expert opinion pieces and the latest developments from the industry

Co-creating from the top: Meet Constantia’s executive team

At Constantia’s helm is an executive team with significant expertise, diverse skills, a depth of industry knowledge and individual track records of success. Driven by Constantia’s values, the team is

How we enable our partners’ success

Authentic, collaborative relationships with our business partners are the very foundation of our success. With a refreshed positioning to crystallise this partner-centric focus, our empowered, knowledgeable teams are driven by

The role of the broker in an ever-changing world

Brokers have built their businesses on providing expert advice and solid relationships. From establishing partnerships with insurers to servicing customers, communication and close relationships go hand in hand with running

Meet the property and casualty team

Across our 70 years of experience, authentic partner relationships remain the cornerstone of our success. At Constantia we value collaboration and take great pride in cocreating and unlocking shared value

A focus on affordable healthcare

One thing that the world has learnt over the last 10 months is that good health is not to be taken for granted… it is to be invested in, appreciated,

Refreshed Constantia Positioning

From the moment Constantia Insurance was established in 1952, our success has been underpinned by authentic, collaborative relationships with our business partners. Our positioning and values have recently been refreshed

Peter Todd: Damned if we do, damned if we don’t, but we must.

Read FIA's Insight September Edition to see how Constantia CEO Peter Todd reflects on the Contingent BI challenges faced by Insurers, the learnings and the important role of the Broker.

Peter Todd:  Leadership is about people

Constantia CEO Peter Todd talks to Cover Magazine about taking over the leadership of Constantia, leading during the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of open, honest and frequent communication with staff.


Johannesburg, 14 February – Constantia Insurance Group (Constantia) is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Todd as Chief Executive. Todd takes over from Volker von Widdern, who has stepped

Constantia Insurance poised for growth through its acquisition by Trustco Group Holdings

Johannesburg – Trustco Holdings (Trustco) announced on 9 December 2019 that it has made an offer to purchase the insurance and related business operations of the Constantia Group (Constantia) from

It’s lift-off for Azriel and Constantia Insurance partnership

Azriel Aviation Africa and the Constantia Insurance Group have partnered to offer the aviation sector a much-needed broader offering of insurance solutions.

Raising “Thank yous” for National Doctors’ Day

There’s never been a more important time to show appreciation for our doctors. The pressures of operating in a severely strained public healthcare system, and the implications of the Medical Schemes Act and the NHI bill.

Insurance solutions for an emerging market economy

Underinsurance, high premiums, and insufficient contribution to the incremental development of local financial and intellectual capacity by reinsurers are but a few of the obstacles to emerging economies and the short-term insurance sector in these markets, but insurers can turn this around.

Most SMEs without succession plan for death of partner

“The death or incapacitation of an active co-owner or partner places a business and the surviving partners under immense strain, often with dire consequences for the business,” says Seripe. It’s also important to keep in mind the family of the deceased, disabled or critically ill partner."