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We pride ourselves in offering a dynamic underwriting service that focusses on commercial and value-added insurance products. At the same time, we enjoy remaining flexible enough to meet the markets growing needs and are adept at creating new product offerings, directly tailored to our markets day to day requirements.

What sets us apart in the market is we provide customised solutions for you. Each and every commercial account is reviewed independently and each risk is underwritten according to both its risks and needs.

Our aim remains one of service - to provide insurance brokers with an effective and hassle-free solution that adds value to their insurance policies - at the right price.

What we offer:

  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV);
  • Credit Shortfall;
  • Pothole Cover;
  • Excess Buyback; and
  • Personal Accident.
  • www.vapsure.co.za
  • CALL US ON 0861 000 519