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Ambledown Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

Health and Accident Underwriting Agency

Ambledown Financial Services is an Authorised Financial Services Company (FSP No. 10287), providing services of an Underwriting Management Agency. Ambledown is one of South Africa’s largest Health Underwriting Management Agency.   

Ambledown’s business model is built on a philosophy of innovation and focus on social macro-economic issues, it includes robust and efficient information technology platforms and a high service culture driven by great people.

Ambledown provides underwriting management services and administration services to various insurers, including but not limited to Constantia Insurance Company Limited and Contantia Life and Health Assurance Company Limited.

Our Products include medical scheme augmentation (Gap cover series), Primary care low cost schemes, emergency and personal accident products as well as certain long-term insurance products.

This is a social and consumer-centric business with a strategy to provide products that safeguard against financial disaster following a medical emergency or basic primary care for those segments of our society who cannot afford the most basic of medical scheme benefit options.

Ambledown is well recognised in South Africa as a leader in health insurance. This is exactly how and why: 

  • We have established the industry that allows healthcare consultants to provide the additional essential cover for medical scheme members – Gap cover. This gained us a 60% market share
  • We created a range of products carefully balancing the benefits to ensure no harm is done to the general health risk pool (medical schemes) whilst ensuring that the cover provides a certainty of no financial disaster following a medical crisis.
  • For the primary care products aimed at the less fortunate of our society, we entered into agreements with over 2,700 GP’s and Dentists with a discounted tariff, allowing us to provide an affordable alternative to treatment in a public facility.
  • We are committed to a sustainable relationships with all our business partners, be it Insurers, brokers, administrators and healthcare advisors.

Since its launch in 2004, Ambledown has grown consistently and considerably through innovation and client service.

FSP Number 10287

CALL US ON 086  126 2533