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Health & Accident Insurance

A suite of flexible local and international medical and travel insurance products to expatriates and third-party nationals.

Products provide for the cover of emergency and non-emergency hospital treatment including the in-patient hospital fees, Intensive Care Unit, Specialists, Physicians, Surgeons and all other relevant diagnostic tests, medication and treatment costs.

Specialised Health Insurance products include  Gap Cover and stated benefit products that provide cover for you and your immediate family for the shortfall (Gap) resulting from any Medical Practitioner charging above the Medical Aid Tariff for incidents that necessitate hospitalisation, medical aid top-up products and low-cost health insurance to suit customers lives and needs.

Our insurance partners:  Oraclemed Health (Pty) Ltd, Ambledown Risk & Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd, PrimaryAsset Administrative Services (Pty) Ltd

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